Setting up Multiple Accounts in Outlook Express

1) When in Outlook Express choose the Tools Tab at the top of the and then choose accounts.

2) When the Internet Accounts window opens you will probably have an account for bright net already setup. What you are going to do is basically add a second account - so choose Add to the right and then go to Mail. Go thru the setup for a normal mail account, but use the information given to you by Customer Service for the email address, password, and mail server information. When you come back to the Internet Accounts window after clicking finish you will see the second account.

3) One thing you may want to change is which account will be set as the default - that is which mail account is the default mail account to send mail from. Once you decide, hightlight that account name and then hit the Set Default on the right. Now hit Close and your secondary mail account is ready to go.

4) A brief explaination on how to use the second account to receive mail:

You could just click on Send and Receive


Choose Tools and then Send and Receive....A window will then move to the right displaying both accounts. Just click the one you would like to receive with and that should receive the mail for that account only.

Sending mail with a Specific Account

Choose Compose Message and then fill out the the information (i.e. Addesses, Subject, the body of the message). When ready to send the email choose File and then Send Using.

A window will then move to the right ... showing both of your accounts. Just click the account to send with and all is done.

Secondary Email Account Server Names

This is a list of's secondary mail servers. Some areas have more than 1 secondary server - so if you're not sure contact your local Customer Service office.



Bright Choice




Address Endings

Mail Servers


NorthWest Net





Address Endings

Mail Servers

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